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Campus Safety Infrastructure: Local Mental Health Resources

Do you consider mental health resources a part of your campus safety infrastructure?  You should.    A lack of mental health supports such as counseling services, psychiatric services, and local hospitals, as well as policies and practices means your institution … Continue reading

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Student Discipline: Exceptions or Policy Changes?

In many educational settings, there are people who hold the responsibility for student discipline.  I have the honor of having worked in a few different settings where I had some of that responsibility.  Of course, being a Residence Hall Director … Continue reading

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Elevator Entrapment Protocols and Considerations

Elevator Entrapment Protocols and Considerations What to do when someone is stuck in an elevator?  This question comes up on occasion in campus safety and emergency management conversations.  I asked some colleagues in higher education emergency management via the Disaster … Continue reading

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Emergency Notifications, Texting, and the FCC

Special thanks to for publishing this on their site as well –   Since 1990, federal law has required colleges and universities to have a notification system for emergencies such as natural disasters, active shooters, bomb threats and more.  K-12 … Continue reading

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Blue Lights On Campus are Security Theatre…And That’s Okay

While the ubiquity of cell phones has sparked a debate about the necessity of blue light phones, campus officials might consider the benefits of keeping highly visible phones in service for the purpose of marketing safety. Continue reading

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Title IX and Trump/DeVos – What will happen under the new President and Secretary of Education?

By Matthew Colpitts In the wake of the Dear Colleague Letter issued by the Department of Justice and Department of Education on February 22, the future of Title IX and how it will be implemented has come into question, with … Continue reading

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